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Rodents are a major pest in all walks of life from a small one bedroom flat to a large department store, rats and mice will damage stock and contaminate products with relentless speed and persistence. 

Rodents must gnaw to keep their continually growing incisor teeth to an acceptable length to enable them to feed, they have no preference to what in is they gnaw, this could be furniture your company stock, wiring which could cause fire, or in fact just about everything you don’t want them to touch. 

Because Rats and Mice are adaptable to most environments and live in colonies of
“extended families” they are capable of a very rapid reproduction.

Both mice and rats exhibit kinaesthetic memories, which is used to navigate due to there poor eye sight, this is mainly around runs they use most regularly or common foraging areas. There eyesight may be poor however their smell touch and hearing are extremely well developed.  

The successful control of rodents can only be achieved by the expertise of professional technicians who have practical field knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of rodent control.

Tyne Tees Environmental Services work to within the standards of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and operate an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) this program looks at all aspects of the problem including Routes of entry, water sources, Food sources, storage conditions, house keeping, treatment methods etc.

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